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On the Bench – Week 42, 2014

So I decided to finally start on the Hobby Boss F-14A Tomcat. The kit has been in my stash for almost two years now, together with an Aires cockpit and burner cans, Wheeliant wheels and a very nice FCM decal set – alas, I felt a bit intimidated by what to me is *the* icon of military jet aviation. Only so much space being available in the display cabinet, I know that this will be the only Turkey for a very long time. and we don’t want to cock that up, do we.

After going through reference photos, videos and books for the n-th time, I just couldn’t resist any longer. I know that this will be a rather long build, as there are quite some areas that need to be addressed. The list is by no means complete and reads as follows:

  • Fix intake angles
  • Shorten tail hook
  • Fill rivets on wings and stabilisers
  • Modify flap mechanism
  • Change angle of slats

Anyway, one has to start somewhere. I did by assembling all the two-part pieces which will need filling and sanding, modifying the flap doors and hinges, and fitting the Aires cockpit. This is how it looks after painting, some small mistakes still need ironing out.

IMG_8632 IMG_8636 IMG_8638

… and the M916 LET is still in progress. But after breaking the bonnet in a dozen pieces while trying to fix warpage, things slowed down a bit.

On the Bench – Week 40, 2014

Following up on last week’s WIP – interrupted, I made some progress on the M916. Not as much as I would have wanted, but with designing new products for the shop (yes, that’s right, it’s opened!), finishing a quick build (ish) and sanding away on Eduard’s P-38 Pacific Lightning, time was in short supply.

Nonetheless, the cabin is finished. The kit’s instructions are good enough – and what would a resin kit be without a bit of guesswork anyway? Some wires and levers were added to the dashboard, the gauges filled with Kristal Klear (still wet in the pictures, hence the white sheen), the whole lot painted with Tamiya XF-65 “Field Gray”, which I find is a fair match for weathered Forest Green. The seats were painted with Life Color OD 319 and OD Light Mustard.

Oh, and I started the weathering process on the tires. With eleven of them to go, I thought it best to start rather sooner than later…

IMG_8606 IMG_8608 IMG_8609 IMG_8611

WIP, interrupted

How many half-built kits do you have? What’s the oldest of your shelf queens? And why do you have to confront yourself with such inconvenient questions?

Maybe the last one is the easiest to answer. I like to have a clear view on things. I like to know what lies ahead of me, and I somehow even like to plan my next steps. Do I hear shouts of “OCD!”? Anyone? Go ahead, I don’t mind. Fact is, I don’t like to leave things unfinished.

Sooo… I decided to introduce a new segment to this blog of mine. And thou shalt call it “WIP, interrupted”. Plan is (of course, I have a plan. Silly me.) to dig up my dearest shelf queens, blow the dust off and achieve some progress on them – maybe even finish them! Who knows…

To start things off, here’s where I am with Minimanfactory’s M916 Light Equipment Tractor. Beautiful kit, has been stashed away for almost two years now.

IMG_8580 IMG_8573 IMG_8575 IMG_8576 IMG_8577

And by the way: The answers to the other questions are of course “don’t ask” and “no idea, but I’m sure I payed for it in a currency that no longer exists”.

On the Bench – June 2014

Just a quick summary of what’s going on right now…

First off, Eduard’s lovely F6F-5 Hellcat. The ProfiPack comes with all the goodies – pre-colored photo etch, resin wheels, loads of marking options. What I found a bit odd, however, was that Eduard did not include resin replacements for the gun barrels. The kit’s plastic barrels are rather hopeless.

And while we are at it: Eduard has received some bashing lately after the release of their Messerschmitt Bf109-G6, the kit being out of scale in certain aspects. Compounding that error, it seems like their customer communication was a bit lacking. Be it as it may, I experienced some quite impressive customer care on their part. While decalling away happily I noticed that the decal sheet with all the small stencils was missing from the box. Wrote them a mail Wednesday night, received an answer Thursday morning and an envelope containing the missing sheet the following Monday. That is three working days! Took me longer to find out the email-address of Hobby Boss’ European distributor…

Anyway. Decals done, next up weathering, attaching the small pieces and HVAR rockets.


Next, Revell’s F-15E Strike Eagle. Yes, that kit is as good as they say. I added QuickBoost seats (you simply can’t beat resin seats, let’s face it) and some oxygen hoses to the cockpit, apart from that it’s as it came in the box. Just started decalling today, still have to paint the ordnance – lots of it!, assemble the landing gear and scratch build all these red protective covers for outlets and sensors. Plan is to attach quite some Remove Before Flight labels, as I think all that red will make for some interesting contrast to the Gunship Grey.


Suddenly, a tank. Yes, I still build them from time to time. In that case it’s almost a comission work – a step-by-step build story for someone special 🙂 Esci’s M-60A3 Patton, still a lovely kit, although it begins to show its age. Almost ready for paint.