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Done: Revell 1/48 F-15E Strike Eagle

Having been out of production for quite some time, I was happy when last year I found that kit in my LHS (of course, two weeks after I finished the build, Revell re-released it…). It is a lovely kit, nice level of detail, especially the cockpit is really good, even the seats are okay. Ish. Of course there is always room for improvement, so I added some oxygen hoses and scratchbuilt the ejection seat rails. The seats themselves are Quick Boost.

The only thing missing out of the box is a proper weapons load. As the E version’s sole purpose is to haul ridiculous amounts of ordnance through the sky, it needs a good heavy load to look the part. I went for GBU-12s and CBUs, courtesy of Hasegawa’s weapons sets.

Way too late I noticed that the decals provided are basically for a trainer aircraft of the 57th Wing from Nellis AFB – so no Desert Storm bird this time, I guess. Anyway, I think it is safe to assume that these planes are maintained to a very high standard, weathering was therefore kept to a minimum. To spice the Gunship Grey monotony up a bit, I scratchbuilt some protective covers and used Eduard’s RBF tags.

IMG_8551 IMG_8552 IMG_8557 IMG_8559 IMG_8568 IMG_8569

Done: Hobby Boss 1/48 F-84F Thunderstreak

You might remember my rant about how a certain F/A-18C build started to drain the fun out of my modelling? To fill up the fun reservoir again I decided to build that one straight out of the box. That, in fact, I did so well that I didn’t even bother to put some weight in the nose to prevent her from tail-sitting. On the other hand, I really enjoyed creating a quick base. Some cheap picture frame, a sheet of plastic scribed and painted, some static grass, that was it.

Model painted with Testors Metalizer, kit decals, done within a week.

IMG_8268 IMG_8286 IMG_8287

Done: Trumpeter 1/48 F-100D Super Sabre

To me the Super Sabre was always one of those aircraft that just “looked cool” – especially in its Vietnam SEA colors. The old Monogram kit was – at least at that time – no option to me. I just could not see myself engraving all those panel lines. So I went for the Trumpeter kit.

Well… I guess updating the Monogram kit would not have taken that much longer than trying to get that one to something reasonable. I used the Aires cockpit and burner cans and the True Details wheels set. The nose was fixed by cutting off the front part, re-shaping it and filling/sanding until everything looked right. The attachment points for the horizontal stabilizers were rebuilt, canopy opening mechanism, canopy interior and radar warning receivers scratchbuilt. The underwing stores came from Hasegawa, the kit’s external fuel tanks were lengthened by 15mm.

I had to use the kit decals as I was not able to find any aftermarket decals for Vietnam Super Sabres. The few stencils provided do not fit to a camouflage scheme – as I was not able to find any aftermarket stencils, she looks a bit empty. But still, I am quite happy how she turned out.

CRW_5983 CRW_5984 CRW_5988 CRW_5989 CRW_5991 CRW_5993 CRW_5994 CRW_5995