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Done: Italeri 1/48 OH-58D Kiowa

So this one falls in the category “less than perfect”. Started as a quick build to get something done while being stuck in some rather involved projects, I soon noticed it would need some tender love and care – especially the cockpit, general fuselage seams and fit of the glass parts.

I picked that kit because of two reasons. First, I have Italeri’s SH-60B in the stash, and as its fit issues are plenty, I thought it would be a good idea to practice on another Italeri helo kit. Second, I needed a proper canvas for painting FS 34031 (also known as “US Helo Drab”).

After detailing the cockpit, nose section and main rotor base area, I spent a couple of days sanding, test-fitting and filling all the major components. the glass part for the nose did fit quite well, the canopy is a different beast – but it turned out good enough.

Helo Drab is a suprisingly underrepresented color, the only company supplying it being Testors. As I am not a fan of painting with enamels, I tried to come up with an acrylic mix. In the end, a 50:50 mix of Tamiya XF-51 Khaki Drab and XF-61 Dark Green did the trick. This was applied to a black base coat – if your base is lighter (let’s say grey), it might be a neat idea to add a little black to the mix.

Maybe, one of these days I can be bothered to add wiring to the rocket launchers…

IMG_8612 IMG_8623

Done: Italeri 1/48 Spitfire Mk.Vc

Recently I read somewhere that every blog should have at least one of those “there I was” stories. Well, ok.

There I was, in one of the few model shops that remain in Vienna. It’s quite a small shop, but it’s absolutely packed with stuff that can make you drool – if you are into planes or military vehicles, that is. On top of all the plastic they stock Gunze, Alclad and various other odds and sods we all need. On that particular day it just so happened that I was around the corner (yeah, right), so I figured I could drop by for a minute and get some Gunze colors. And maybe take a look around. That wouldn’t hurt anyone, would it.

20 minutes later I was about to pay for my goods. Three jars of paint. Oh, and that Revell F-15E some dude decided to sell second hand. Ok, I had been looking for that kit up and down for quite some time, musing over the prices people asked for it on ebay, and generally wondering why such a beauty doesn’t get re-released. Good excuse, I would think.

While packing my goods, the shop owner mentioned he just received a shipment of Italeri kits, including the Spitfire Mk.Vc. And that it’s an absolute steal. And that it would include decals for an US version from North Africa. Being not entirely convinced by Italeri’s offerings in the past, I still decided to take a look at it – and was impressed! Only later I would find out that this one is a re-boxing of the Classic Airframes / Special hobby kit. But anyway, in the end I left the shop with both kits – and another one, the P-40E shown somewhere else in this blog.

What’s the point to that story, you may ask. I don’t know. Maybe it’s that no matter how well we plan our purchases, sometimes you just have to seize the opportunity. Or maybe it’s the simple realisation that there is still a place for the local hobby shop, no matter how many times we order online…

So, here she is. Ultracast seat, RB Models gun tubes, painted with Gunze acrylics (top sides) and Italeri Azure Blue. And yes, everything that has been written regarding the cockpit having fit issues is true, but can be overcome with some test fitting, cutting and sanding.

IMG_8276 IMG_8278 IMG_8279 IMG_8280

Done: Italeri 1/48 P-40E Warhawk

Yes, I do like this kit. So much, in fact, that I went and bought another one for future in-between builds. It has its weak points, like the fit of the engine nacelle, the somewhat simplified cockpit and the wheels (best replaced by some aftermarket). But nonetheless, what is in the box makes for a really fun build. And having it finished makes me want to build an early “C” version, another “E” in British camouflage from New Guinea, one of those nifty tan-colored P-40’s out of Tarawa…

So, here it is, in its Aleutian colors, sporting a somewhat debatable white spinner, and True Details wheels and pilot’s seat from Ultracast. Paints are Tamiya and Gunze with an oil wash and some slight chipping using a sponge.

IMG_7707 IMG_7709 IMG_7711 IMG_7712 IMG_7715 IMG_7717