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Done: Eduard 1/48 MiG-21MF

This, dear visitor, is the first non-US subject I built in almost 20 years… and my fastest build since who-knows-when. I had one week to build that bugger, since I wanted to surprise my better half on her to return from Russia. And so it had to be something iconic from ze Motherland!

The kit itself is really (really, really!) nice – my second kit from Eduard after the P-400, I have to admit that I am becoming a huge fan of that company. Built straight out of the box, Testors Metalizer Aluminum, finished in eight days.

P1000551 P1000552 P1000553

Done: Eduard 1/48 P-400 Airacobra

There is something Eduard’s really nice “Weekend Edition” taught me – I am a slow modeller. After that long-ish Skyhawk build (and in the middle of dealing with Trumpeter’s Super Sabre) I became curious to see if I could pull off something like a quick build. Ok, in the end it did not take me one weekend, but more like two and a half weeks. In the process, I

  • did not check carefully enough if the nose weight was sufficient, hence I had to come up with a base where to stick the plane to
  • almost forgot the gun sight and had to fiddle it into the already closed cockpit
  • glued on the wrong part for the top nose section and
  • was left with some seams in the wing area.

On the other hand I am really satisfied with the way the masking for the camouflage turned out 🙂

All in all, I am not the guy for weekend builds – lesson learnt.

CRW_5966 CRW_5968 CRW_5969 CRW_5972 CRW_5973 CRW_5976 CRW_5977 CRW_5978