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Done: Accurate Miniatures 1/48 TBM-1 Avenger

What a lovely kit that is! Full of detail, parts free of flash and visible ejector pin marks, and the fit is excellent. Some of the steps are a bit fiddly, especially the gun turret assembly – take your time and don’t lose your patience.
I got the Italeri boxing, which lacks a bit in the instructions department – so I would highly recommend to download the original AM instruction sheet if you can find it.
Airscale provided instrument faces and some cockpit plackards, antennas where done with fishing line and brass tubing.
For the Atlantic scheme I used Gunze H317 (FS36231) and H311 (FS36622), oversprayed with Tamiya gloss white.

IMG_7851 IMG_7852 IMG_7853 IMG_7888 IMG_7892 IMG_7894 IMG_7895 IMG_7896