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Done: Eduard 1/48 P-400 Airacobra

There is something Eduard’s really nice “Weekend Edition” taught me – I am a slow modeller. After that long-ish Skyhawk build (and in the middle of dealing with Trumpeter’s Super Sabre) I became curious to see if I could pull off something like a quick build. Ok, in the end it did not take me one weekend, but more like two and a half weeks. In the process, I

  • did not check carefully enough if the nose weight was sufficient, hence I had to come up with a base where to stick the plane to
  • almost forgot the gun sight and had to fiddle it into the already closed cockpit
  • glued on the wrong part for the top nose section and
  • was left with some seams in the wing area.

On the other hand I am really satisfied with the way the masking for the camouflage turned out 🙂

All in all, I am not the guy for weekend builds – lesson learnt.

CRW_5966 CRW_5968 CRW_5969 CRW_5972 CRW_5973 CRW_5976 CRW_5977 CRW_5978